our endangered oceans


To educate, empower and assist activists to protect their oceans. We will help you and/or your organization to protect natural coastal resources, including beaches, river deltas, estuaries and mangroves.

Bold Vision

Our goal at Bold Visions Conservation is to educate and empower people to protect the ocean's bounty of life. To do this we look to connect to people on the coasts of the United States to help become voices for the concept of Ocean Wilderness.

Since our inception, we have looked for more ways to protect and keep our oceans clean, sustainable and vibrant!

Like its partner on land, Ocean wilderness is designed to protect oceans from oil and gas, mining and other threats that would impact the sustainability of this source of such abundant life. There is a precedent, with currently two ocean wildernesses and some vast ocean National Monuments, created by former President Bush in Hawaii.

Threats to the East Coast continue to grow as Republican lawmakers push for opening the area from Virginia to Georgia, and other specific areas to off-shore oil and gas development.

Our goal is to create a mobile presentation that you can use to make presentations and begin to saturate the East Coast with an aggressive educational and organizing effort.

So please sign up today and contact us so we can begin working together for real awareness!

In addition, we are concerned about the levels of trash and drifting nets that are killing sea turtles and other valuable wildlife. While many in the Federal government have said cleaning the oceans will take hundreds of years, one creative and inventive 19-year-old has come up with not just a solution, but a means of cleaning the ocean and profiting from it.

These concepts are part of what people need to understand and become educated on, and can begin to demand.

Finally, we would like to further explore the idea of Lake Wilderness, to protect the Great lakes and other large lake areas of fresh water in our country.

While the Great lakes have been declared off-limits to oil and gas drilling, many are continuing to push for reviewing the law and opening portions for drilling. The passage of wilderness would prevent this from ever happening, no matter the Administration.

We may be a small organization, but we have the ideas and drive to make a difference, our goal remains make you part of the Solution. Contact us today for more information!