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As a Society, Can We Allow Torture to Become the New Normal?

The latest news is that outfitters in Idaho now want to trap wildlife and allow slob hunters to pay and come shoot them while already withering in pain. Imagine who such a person could be and how this carnival relation to wildlife is being propagated in Idaho; it is a new low in our society and represents the legalization of true madness.


Such a plan was floated several years ago in Montana, but it did not reach the point of a commission meeting. Governor Gianforte, for his part, did go on the Sinclair ranch and killed a wolf that had suffered for perhaps for days awaiting its fate in a trap. He coldly shot her. People like Gianforte are sick individuals who enjoy the suffering of wildlife, and there is no limit to his or other's depravity.


This is the new reality in the West that those who hate wolves want to take their killing to a whole new level, one they hope will end the reintroductions. In the meantime, they want to profit from the torture of an innocent creature, one that is smart, family-oriented and delivers so many benefits to our lands and waters. Yet we are allowing true idiots and their friends in the legislature to control OUR wildlife.

This is not limited to wildlife but to controlling our public lands. We cannot allow such behavior to become the norm on public lands. It's unfathomable that groups like the Foundation for Wildlife Management can push radical and sickening concepts to kill wolves and other predator species, all without regard to real science. These voices are amplified by Livestock and trophy hunters, so they may continue to control our game agencies and commissions.


It has been an endless period of time since the commissions in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have made the slaughter of wolves commonplace. Using bogus science and pushing to kill all predator species, they stare blankly at our concerns, get agitated at our outrage, and work together to kill the wildness that is on our public lands. They ignore the economic engine that wolves provide and want to allow cattle and rural misinformation to be the new law of the land.


Disinformation continues to gain traction, as evidenced in Colorado, where the media is controlled by ranching interests and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is feeding hysteria to rural communities. One question remains: Why are wolves so threatening to men in rural communities? Is it because they are real family units? Or because, unlike ranchers, they help the lands and waters? Perhaps because they are smart and share their kills with other species.

No, this group of men remains scared of wolves and wants to send a message to Washington that wolves are not to be part of the West. In return, we must return the favor by demanding that the price of grazing be increased. Those new stipulations should include language that forbids those grazing on public lands from trapping any wildlife. At Bold Visions, we will continue to push for more measures that help wolves.

As we look for solutions, pandering to ranchers, trappers, and other wildlife sociopaths is not helping wolves and other wildlife. What we see is these bastards increasing the pain and suffering of wildlife, not trying in any way to co-exist. Thus, we must be loud, invested, and engaged.

My time in Colorado makes clear that these groups are not trying to co-exist, but rather to slaughter wolves, and they are one Republican Governor or Western Slope Democrat away from doing so.

Martha Williams is also responsible for this nightmare; we cannot allow the reelection of one member to cast the fate of an entire species. Wildlife needs our support; they need our voice; we cannot continue to allow quack science, rural ignorance, and trophy hunters to guide policy.

We need real leadership, and that begins in Washington, with those in charge fighting for wildlife. The more Washington ignores the issue, the more power it yields to the Sagebrush Rebellion and the more power it yields to those who want to kill, not help, wildlife in the West.

Wolves deserve far better, and this proposal that will come before Idaho Fish and Game needs to be shut down. Please take some time to write to Governor Brad Little, and the Fish and Game Commission Members.

Make clear that:

• This is simply wildlife torture and not sport.

• That wolves in Idaho are already under way too much stress.

• Wildlife and wolf viewing are an economic engine, and this level of slaughter will prevent you from visiting the state.

• Trapping is a disgrace and has no place in modern society.

• Science would never support such sick actions.

• Wolves, like all wildlife, feel pain and suffering. Can you, with good conscience, allow this?

Also, send your letter to Martha Williams, the head of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Let her see clearly that her not relisting wolves has now resulted in these actions.

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