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destructive off-road vehicle, Bold Visions Conservation

As the weekend begins to unfurl, we are hard at work, getting our website built and starting to put in place the campaigns designed to put wildlife first and the protections of critical linkages and protected lands, all part of why we are working not just to protect wildlife, but to help it thrive!

As the official start to summer begins, so does the noise and stench of gas of those who insist that motorized recreation is part of their outdoor experience. Imagine that blasting through the forest of drier BLM lands is how you connect with nature. Do they ever consider wildlife? Montana is a state where hunting and trapping’s pressure on wildlife is nearing a breaking point. However, come summer, the noise and fumes of many leave wildlife fearful and further pushing them to the breaking point.

It is ironic for the many of us that live to see animals in the wild that we are constantly facing the reality that such viewing is increasingly rare; those who go to nature to enjoy solitude have fewer places to enjoy the silence that defines wildness. Fewer chances for an encounter with a wolf or a bear.

The agencies that manage these lands bear the responsibility for the increase in noise and fumes that degrade our experience and further harm wildlife. They also create avenues for poaching and are the winter highways for trappers.

Part of helping wildlife involves staying engaged with the Forest Service and the BLM. These lands belong to all Americans, yet a small percentage have figured out how to game the system. They use words like freedom and demand that their right to kill, torture, and harass wildlife must be placed into law. Thankfully, our efforts defeated that radical and false premise of a bill known as SB-372! But the continued anti-wildlife efforts of people like Senator Steve Daines to push the killing of grizzlies, remove all Wilderness Study Areas, push for more motorized recreation, for our Governor to continue to support eliminating public lands and killing wildlife on the Yellowstone border, point to a subversive effort at privatizing wildlife and destroying wildness. Their extremism has the effect of shutting down the protection of lands in Montana, while the agencies continue to approve radical logging and other degrading efforts in our forests and BLM lands.

We can do far better, and we must if wolves, grizzlies, and other species are to thrive in our state. Bold Visions Conservation will remain focused on wildlife, with a big eye on keeping the lands they need to thrive.

We wish you the best this Memorial weekend and salute those who gave so much to allow us, amongst other things, the wonders we enjoy on our public lands. It truly is a gift.

PS, we hope to have our website partially up by next week, and a P.O. Box confirmed.


In the meantime, please email me directly to sign up for our emails and information: Feel free to call me 406-370-3028

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