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That Time Has Arrived

Let’s start this out on a high note. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanksgiving, for many of us, is perhaps the best time of year. Family food and good times, free of endless gifts, with the expectations limited to key dishes.Add your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

But the reality is that Thanksgiving in Montana also begins the time of year when wolves will live in fear, will lose key members of their packs, and will be left in traps in freezing weather to suffer unimaginable pain. They will be choked with snares and or lose a limb in a desperate effort to be free.

It is the time of year beginning November 27th when the lowlife of society is freed to kill and harm with the backing of the state, its Governor, who will likely participate, and many of our key legislators who believe that we must return to some of the most horrible chapters in humanity.

Trappers will go out in pursuit of bounties, they will take photos of animals suffering, they will brag about how tough it was, and they will have destroyed wild beauty and power that seeks to live in peace with humans.

Ranchers will be happy at the carnage and ask for more, having no interest in co-existence, only dominance. At the same time, they pocket the welfare that comes with subsidies from the Government, which many of them claim to hate.

Trapping has no place in modern society; it has no place in the world, period. It is important to state once again that trappers steal from society. They give nothing. By contrast, wolf viewing brought 85 million to Montana’s economy last year alone. Their idea of fun, the torture of wildlife, deprives us of the chance to view and interact with wildlife. It does not allow us to witness their beauty and show so many species our respect for their existence and what they contribute to joy. Species like wolves work daily to help the environment that so many humans are racing to destroy.

There remain some lawsuits that could shut down trapping season, and the coming days could bring an unexpected stop to trapping or the start to slaughter.

Wolves are magical: they are vital to the health of our environment, and contrary to all the nonsense and lies of groups like the NRA, Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, and the pathetic Foundation for Wildlife Management, we have more deer and elk than we have had in generations. Wolves are effective at killing animals that may have Chronic Wasting Disease, which is spreading amongst ungulates. Wolves have no interest in trophy animals, only the weak and sick.

Each year, we fight a legislature that remains like a chapter torn out of a page of the 1950’s. The mindset is locked: kill wildlife and allow trapping to kill predators. Fish Wildlife and Parks Commissioner Pat Tabor is doing all he can to make their wishes a reality. At its core is corruption and pay-to-play politics. The loser is us and, needless to say, bears, cougars, and wolves.

We are asking all of you to join us in writing to the Governor and Commissioner Tabor on November 27th and demand an end to trapping in Montana. It will not happen, but we must speak out for innocent wildlife and keep the pressure on those who live to kill. We must do it to honor the souls of the very animals that will be lost to ignorance and to make clear we are not going away.

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