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The Power of Protected Lands

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance and value of animals in the wild. What is sometimes missed is the importance of protecting the very lands they need to thrive. Our National Forests in Montana and Idaho have become the buzzsaw of logging with new and old superintendents of the Forests practically cutting the lumber themselves. Wildlife continues to be an afterthought and profit is the symbol of capitalism and the management of these forests reflects that vacuous mindset.


It's why Bold Visions is not content with just fighting for wildlife, but rather protecting the lands that allow them to flourish. That is why on the 27th of March we will be speaking to all the Tribes of Montana and Idaho to let them know and ask questions about our proposed National Monument that will encompass the Gallatin range in Montana and reach down into Idaho.

These lands are vital for wildlife but also for people to recreate and take some of the pressure off of Yellowstone and their 4 million visitors each year. These lands are vital corridors for wolves, grizzlies, bison, elk, and deer. The forest service continues to degrade the lands, opening them for logging and motorized recreation, something that does not work well with wildlife. Wolverines call this range home, and with the state trying to stop the protection of wolverines, creating a National Monument of these lands is even more vital.


National Monuments are a means of protecting lands, one that is designated by the President by his use of the Antiquities Act, something that every President has used except for President Trump. By doing this, we avoid the current state of Congress and our delegation’s willingness only to end wilderness protections of lands.


Protecting lands is never easy, and the Antiquities Act remains a tool that can, with a signature, change the protection of lands and often relates to history and antiquities.  But as it is with many ocean National Monuments, wildlife is at the core of their creation, and so too will it be with this Monument proposal.

 At a time when wildlife is being lost worldwide, we can and must work to protect their habitat, especially when species like grizzlies, wolves, etc., are being set up for slaughter by our state Governments and wildlife agencies. This is a tool to fight back!


On April 9th, I will present this concept to the people of Bozeman at the public library and take their questions. I hope those of you in the area will come and take part in a night that will likely open some eyes, have detractors, and hopefully inspire the majority.


Fighting for wildlife means fighting for the lands that allow them to thrive. These lands, some 1.6 million acres, are essential for species found in few other places. This land is vital to the long-term survival of our incredible animals.


Gianforte, Daines, and others will likely scream about a government takeover, but the truth is they must be silenced by the voices of hope and reason. It’s about the wildlife! Seeing it alive and thriving, not mounted on a wall.


It will not be easy, and may not come quick, but we will work long and hard to see this to fruition. Together we can change hearts and minds. Let’s get to work!


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