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Wolf Season

Wolf Hunting has begun in Montana and Idaho; here are some of the lies being spread by the group responsible for the pain and suffering of so many wolves. The Foundation for Wildlife Management must be shut down. Here is how they are thriving:

"F4WM funded 76% of the total wolves removed from Idaho in the 2021-2022 Season, as well as 39% of those harvested in Montana.

Are you ready to be part of the solution? The more Chapters (Foundation for Wildlife Management) we build, the stronger we become. We now have Fundraising Chapters in Sandpoint, Coeur d' Alene, Lewiston, Salmon, and Caldwell, Idaho, as well as Trout Creek and Kalispell, Montana. We are building a chapter in Hamilton, Montana, and we hope to start chapters in the Helena and Bozeman areas. Please email F4WM Executive Director Justin Webb for more info on how to join or start a new chapter in your area at"

This group represents the very worst of what people are capable of to harm wildlife. They have long been accused of taking the majority of money from wolf harvesting as the ED and board members are rabid trappers and wolf hunters.

With a new hunting season, this group will continue to spread unscientific reports and continue to push for more killing, so Justin Webb and his followers continue to profit off wolves' blood and try to make hunters part of their proxy mob mentality against wolves.

We must stop the spread of this organization and make clear to people in your community that we do not support anything to do with this organization. They want to destroy wolves in the wild, and their next target is grizzlies.

Bold Visions Conservation: Moving Forward

Bold Visions Conservation has been operating for less than three months. People need to understand what our organization has accomplished in this short timeframe. First, there is a litany of paperwork, design work, website creation, and, most importantly, finding the people needed to make your organization move toward success in the future. During this time, we have brought several critical people on board: Mike Bader has one of the best conservation minds of any in Montana. He started and led the Alliance for Wild Rockies for many years and is well known for his conservation successes. Mike has been vital in helping me with our National Monument proposal, writing our biological report, and connecting with key people in Idaho and Montana. The other is Dave Stallings. Dave, a brilliant writer and well-known conservationist, is working on a critical project for us, which will involve creating another website and lots of work. We have expanded our board with a new member, the famous conservationist Howie Wolke, who lives in Tom Miner Basin.

We have begun to build our Advisory Board by adding the highly respected wolf guru, Norm Bishop, who has years of experience with wolves in Yellowstone. Well-known and respected conservationist George Wuerthner is writing a historical report for our Monument proposal, so we are stocked up with people who bring experience and tangible results for public lands and wildlife. Our goal remains the same: work to protect wolves, grizzlies, and other predators while protecting the lands that allow them to thrive. We have begun working in Idaho, meeting with key conservationists and planning for a television ad campaign that makes clear trappers have no place in society. This was a central message I worked on during my time with Footloose Montana, and we will continue to expand on it. In addition, we are looking at areas in Idaho that could be placed off-limits to wolf trapping. Idaho is a tough country home to the Foundation for Wildlife Management, an organization whose violence against predators and its bounty program allows trappers to profit from the slaughter of wolves.

We plan to meet with the Mayor of Boise to discuss areas that should be free of wolf trapping. To date, the Mayor of Bozeman continues to say no to meeting with us and community leaders. The reasons make no sense, but we will continue our efforts and encourage locals to write to the mayor and make it clear this Monument is for wildlife. It will be a vital legacy piece that Bozeman can be proud of in the years ahead. Our goal with the Monument is to make it free of trapping and any predator killing. The goal is to make it the first Monument with a clear wildlife focus. Getting things off the ground with a new organization is always challenging. We are working to be creative and focused and to ensure Bold Visions Conservation is the wildlife and land protection organization you trust and invest in moving forward. Like anything, we have had some glitches; people who tried to donate to us had problems, so we have changed platforms to rectify the situation. Bold Visions is not about one person; it is a collective of great minds and hearts working hard to make a positive difference for our lands and wildlife. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks, and thank you for your support of Bold Visions Conservation; we will continue to work hard to do what is best for wildlife and to end the nightmare of trapping or any killing of wolves or grizzlies, the time has come for change! Visit our website to learn more about BVC's MONUMENT CAMPAIGN

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