Bold Visions Conservation was created for the protection of land, water and wildlife.

Bold Visions Conservation exists to infuse a creative and bold energy into protecting wildlife and our environment.

Understanding, as John Muir did the importance of the “web of life” and the value of large protected areas, both on land and across our oceans as vital to responsible stewardship. We take our responsibility seriously to share our planet with all species of life and believe that we must instill passion in our effort to pass Earth’s bounty on to future generations.



We are forging meaningful, multicultural coalitions that reflect the importance of conservation for all that understand the moral, spiritual, recreational and economic imperative of conservation.

We continue to develop a Board of Directors that complements our staff with their experience and commitment to wildlife, diversity and a Bold Vision of conservation.

We utilize a strong social media and web presence to educate and grow our outreach that represents more than 50,000 online activists in 125 countries and growing!

We target the protection of large areas of land, lakes and oceans as integral to the protection of biodiversity and the linking of important wildlife corridors. From our Coastal Monuments, to our efforts at reforming Game and Fish, to ending animal killing contests, this is our main objective.

Our SANE Project-Student Action Network for the Environment complements all our campaigns through youth engagement, to  leave our planet stronger and more vibrant than the one we inherited.

Meet Bold Visions Conservation a short video introduction

We live in an unprecedented time, where human actions and inaction are literally killing our planet and where technology is removing our link to wild nature. We seek to instill our passion and experience to create avenues for reconnection and to seek the balance that allows us to heal our planet and work towards an ecologically just future.


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Wild Atlantic

One day these beautiful creatures will live in a world where their home is safe, they will no longer be shot; their lives no longer secondary to sport; their numbers will grow instead of shrink.

Small groups across the country are banding together as a single voice for wolves! Watch the important video, "The Imperiled Wolf" by Coalition member, Predator Defense.



endangered oceans

We're a small group with big passion:

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Welcome Mike Ranson, BVC's New Board Member!