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Deb Haaland Needs Convincing!

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Interior Secretary Haaland must move to relist wolves. The delay in relisting is costing wolves pain and suffering, and death. We know the method for counting wolves, known as iPOM, is flawed. Yet, Montana and Idaho continue to use it to support the slaughter of wolves. Trapping should be banned nationally; it has no place in modern America.

What the Interior Secretary continues to ignore is the pain and suffering wolves are facing. Yes, they can reproduce, but why, when wolves are self-regulating, are we allowing them to wither in traps or be shot by fools who think it is a salve for their twisted egos? In Italy today, there are 3000 wolves and no hunting. The wolves keep those numbers in check. In Sweden, they look at wolves from the perspective of making sure they are healthy, not herding interests.

The reasons are clear, and the Interior Secretary is being swayed by Trophy hunting interests, the NRA, the Congressional Sportsmen Caucus, Don Peay, and other slob hunters that want

Ask Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to Relist Wolves!

no predators and giant deer and elk farms. It is also trappers that continue to get their way.


We need biodiversity, the wonder that wolves create, and the health they bring to the lands. We need their packs healthy, not decimated. We need ranchers, who enjoy Government subsidies, to be forced not to kill predator species.

Deb Haaland's continued delay on relisting wolves will only open the door to the killing of grizzlies in a few years as states push to delist.

Please take a moment, and tell Deb Haaland it's time for action, not talk. Ask her to Relist the Northern Rockies wolves now! Allowing the states to manage wolves results in disaster for the wolves. Wolves and their quality of life must come first, not livestock interests or those that live to kill wolves for pleasure.

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