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Montana Public Land National Monument
Flathead-National-Forest Public Land

The Madison-Gallatin Monument would effectively expand the Greater Yellowstone area's protection!

Dear Members,


Bold Visions Conservation has taken the lead in creating a new National Monument along the Montana-Idaho border protecting the Gallatin Range. Our goal is to create the first Monument dedicated to wildlife. We are working to protect more than 1.6 million acres of land, but the focus of this monument is not land; it is vital for wildlife or antiquities, which are part of this land of Native Americans and early settlers. They are part of the journey of people and wildlife in the West.


We have mapped the area and written the reports we mentioned. The time has come to protect this area to protect it from industrial logging, road construction, and the invasion of off-road vehicles.


Please help us protect a vital unit of Yellowstone National Park while understanding the park is not large enough for the wildlife that needs those lands to thrive.


Wildlife needs lands to Thrive; National Monument is the way forward!

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Read Mike Bader's
Special Report:



Wildlife Resources in the
Madison-Gallatin-Henry's LakeIsland Park Geographic Region Montana and Idaho

Flathead-National-Forest, Stanton Lake public land, national monument


If we work to allow wildlife to thrive, then we must protect the lands they inhabit. Protection of lands comes in many forms: National Parks, Wilderness Areas, National Monuments, State Parks, etc.

Having worked on many of these landscape protections, it is vital that we focus on protecting lands so wildlife can thrive! In Montana, Senator Daines, Congressmen Zinke, and Matt Rosendale are no friends of public lands. Zinke, while self-dealing when he headed the Interior, has never supported public lands. During his tenure at Interior, he never saw a drill rig or mining project he did not support. 

Rosendale is a trapper; his office in Washington is covered in the pelts of the innocent. He cares nothing about protecting public lands but sees it as a resource to exploit. 

Daines' voting record on the environment is closer to zero. He has publicly declared his desire to open a killing season on grizzlies, to remove all Wilderness Study Areas and open lands to snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. 

For the Democrats, Jon Tester has a solid voting record but has not proven himself as a wildlife advocate. On wilderness, his moves have been tentative, and his proposal for the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship gives away far too much land for logging, off-road vehicles, and mountain biking, this in the heart of grizzly and other vital habitats.

We can and must do better if wildlife is to thrive. 

We must build the coalitions needed to exceed and make land conservation a wildlife story. We must work to protect vital areas like the Gallatin Range as wilderness within a National Monument, and we cannot continue to compromise away the land future generations will need. 

There are many such areas in Montana, and as we have raised our voice over trapping, we can raise it loud for the protection of lands that wildlife depends on and to complete a vision for Yellowstone. 

There remain areas in the eastern part of the state and the western portions of Montana that need your voice to change the old-world mentality that continues to dominate our legislature and those who represent us in Washington.

Be a voice for change, and help us make a difference in the protection of vital lands and wildlife! 

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