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Trapping has no place in modern society. Trappers do not contribute to communities as they like to say; they instead steal our chance to see wildlife and enjoy the magic it gives us. Trappers contribute about $300,000 yearly in $28 licensing fees, with each trapper killing at least five animals. Yet wolf viewing alone in Montana brings in more than $80 million a year! Still, trappers can set traps on the border of Yellowstone and steal the right to see this beautiful animal in the wild from us.

Trappers destroy beavers for fun, as many have told me. Yet, with climate change, beavers are the only species that store water, releasing it slowly, which is vital to our changing climate. Remember, the West was teeming with water and springs; dams and modern development have left it arid. The price of fur remains at record lows; no one profits from trapping.

Coyotes are being killed without regard and are considered varmint in Montana; all this occurs without the understanding that animals feel pain, love, and suffer when a pack member dies, but many trappers argue that wildlife feels no pain. Such a sophomoric and disingenuous mentality explains why trapping must be banned. These are not normal people.
The non-profit Foundation for Wildlife Management is a wolf-destroying organization whose Board has been accused of self-dealing, is now paying $500 bounties in Montana and up to $2000 in parts of Idaho for a dead wolf. Groups like this are the right arm of radical trophy-hunting organizations that dream of fields of bull elk.

There is no reason wildlife must be tortured. Why is trapping viewed as a sport when it is devoid of fair chase and captures far too many unintended species, known as bycatch? They were living, breathing animals that simply wanted to co-exist, yet these people see it as their right to torture and kill, and they must be stopped. Governor Greg Gianforte is a trapper and a low-life. He killed Max, the wolf, and continues to kill wildlife on the Yellowstone border. 

Trappers set out land mines across our public lands, endangering people, pets, and wildlife. Federal and state agencies do little to stop this madness; the consequences are real.
Wildlife is being stolen from us by thugs who enjoy beautiful wild animals' suffering. The time has come to stop this NOW.

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