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There is Something Wrong with Cody Roberts

Guest Writer Trisha M. Cook writes from wolf country near Twisp, Washington in the company of two big dogs, a lazy cat, and surrounded by wild forest flora and fauna.

Cody Roberts of Daniel, Wyoming, killed a wolf. The wolf was a young female, less than a year old. She was not killing livestock nor threatening children. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time when Roberts intentionally ran her over with his snowmachine. She was incapacitated with broken bones and internal injuries when Roberts duct taped her muzzle closed, turning his hunting dogs on her.


Roberts was drunk at the time. And while there is obviously something wrong with him, this is not the entire story.


Roberts flopped the battered wolf onto his snowmachine, hauling her to his home in Daniel, Wyoming. He held her captive, alive but dying, in his mudroom. Images have been circulated by the press and on social media: Roberts kneeling in his mudroom, a beer in one hand, his other arm around the broken wolf propped against his side. Roberts grinning at the photographer.

The next day, Roberts dragged the abused wolf to a local watering hole, the Green River Bar on US-189. He paraded her around, he taunted and tortured, grabbed at her, forcing her lips into a sad smile and kissed her muzzle. She didn’t even try to bite. This went on for hours, and nobody called the authorities or did anything to stop the abuse.


Healthy, uninjured young wolves are known to be submissive in nature. In her condition, she was not a threat to Roberts, his dogs, or the patrons who were there drinking, laughing, and taunting the wolf, egging Roberts on.


Roberts later dragged the wolf behind the bar and shot her dead. Per Wyoming Game and Fish, Roberts was merely charged with possessing a live wolf. He paid the meager $250.00 fine. In certain zones, it is perfectly legal in Wyoming to chase down and run over wolves and other predators with snow machines.


There is something wrong with Wyoming Game and Fish.


Roberts was reportedly drunk while in the bar and drunk the previous day while out on his snow machine. I posit Roberts has a drinking problem and may harbor psychopathic tendencies. Yet, Robert’s family and friends have come out in his defense saying, he’s a really nice guy, the nicest, he was just drunk…

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1 Comment

The next day, Roberts dragged the abused wolf to a local watering hole, the Green River Bar on US-189.”

The “NEXT DAY”? Did Roberts subject her to all of that brutality until the day AFTER her capture??

If accurate, this adds yet another layer of cruel craziness to an already tragic story.

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